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A newly found business entity of strong business values is Delhi (India), settled by Tephra Polymers Private Limited. We are serving at the right prices, an impressive line of Color Masterbatch manufacturers in India, Additive Masterbatch, Plastic Compounds etc.

Our product line stands tall on each and every requirement of esteemed clients because of being produced rightly using quality base materials. Products are tested on several quality parameters prior to the process of shipment. Stringent testing of products ensures delivery of singularly quality-approved products. We are proud to boast about having an honest work culture. The clarity in business deals is maintained to win the lasting trust of valued clients.

Tephra Polymers Master Batch manufacturer in India years of expertise and accumulating countless client service experiences able our customers to get the best degree of opacity, with very low quantities of Tephra Polymers masterbatch. Our products are backed by our extensive, responsive, all-time around technical support network.

Plastic granules manufacturers in India


Masterbatch manufacturers in India Used in Automotive Industry also

Automotive Industry

We deal with India’s Best Automotive Industry  Company. Tephra Polymers masterbatch manufacturer in India’s product is very important for this industry. The automotive industry is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility from automotive manufacturers. The growing global competition demands master batch, combined with flexible logistics systems.

Electronics Industry looking for Master batch manufacturers in India

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry cannot be imagined without plastic masterbatch products and electronics is essential, without which nothing is possible and this industry always demands a good masterbatch manufacturer in India. Transparency and traceability have top priorities on all our products so you will always have access to the documentation .

Masterbatch manufacturers in India

Electrical Appliance

Various types of plastic masterbatch quality are used in the Electrical Appliance Industry and it is in huge market demand. Tephra Polymers offers different Colour & Additive solutions for Electrical & Home Appliances. Our developed solutions for the segment comply with regulations with the best quality masterbatch.

Plastic masterbatch manufacturers

Household Item Industry

From your daily usage of tiny products like hair comb, toothbrush, pen–scissor to bigger products item uses masterbatches in one or other form. All cosmetic and household items used in plastic use additive & color master batch to provide them one or other quality. Tephra Polymers colored master batch, are added in so many products around you which makes the product more appealing and beautiful and life around us look more colorful.

Master batch manufacturers in India

Plastic Furniture Industry

The Tephra Polymers plastic furniture masterbatch impresses with its lightweight and high level quality and stability for plastic furniture like Chairs, tables, and stools ease of maintenance and coloring, and its advantages in production compared with traditional materials. Tephra Polymers Plastic furniture masterbatch can be realized in different types of shapes, for example, chairs, lamps, stools, tables, and even sculptures.

Masterbatch manufacturers in India

Gift Industry

The trend of gift items made of plastic is very old and it is increasing day by day. Color masterbatch used the PE or PP as the carrier, choose the pigments or dyes of the inorganic/organic, or some special effect dyes, added by the suitable additives.. We offer you the most cost-effective product according to the requirements or the actual production situation of the customers. Its widely used in gift industry.

Custom Color Masterbatches

We provide customized plastic masterbatch solutions to ensure ideal color design, consistent quality, and enhanced functionality across various polymer types for your products.

Additive Masterbatches

Wheather you’re looking for a realistic woodgrain, and impressive metallic effect or a pearlescent shine, we offer compatible colorants and additive masterbatches that are suctomizable for a variety of resins.

Single-Pigment Dispersions

Take advantage of our polymer-specific masterbatch technologies that incorporate directly into base resins for optimal compatibility, proper viscosity, and full dispersion.


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Tephra Polymers for Additive MB, Colour MB, White MB, Black MB, Polypropylene (PP), ABS (Master Batch) Batch you will get this better quality than other manufacturers so you will always have to trust in us.