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Masterbatch manufacturers in India


Colour masterbatch manufacturers, or color concentrate, is a granule used for coloring thermoplastics. It consists of one or more colorants and a polymer-specific carrier resin. The composition of a color masterbatch is called its recipe.

Colour masterbatch manufacturers in in India we produce almost all colour masterbatches in economic & regular grades even filler free specialized colour masterbatches also produce by Tephra Polymers.

Colour masterbatch granule compounding requires highest flexibility due to versatile market. Our specially designed system is dosing colour less and colouring masterbatch materials separately, hence gives freedom from conveying system cleaning. A unique batch type colour dosing feeder gives accuracy of 0.5% in colour feeding with fastest cleaning & quickest modification. Additionally closed loop integration with polymer pulverize eliminates manpower dependence & manual problems.

Benefits & Technical Specifications

  • No manpower required for material handling

  • Fastest colour change

  • No need to clean conveying system

  • Complete drying & storage solution for finished grade masterbatches.

  • Modular PLC control can integrate with 3 colour compounding extruders.

  • Installed over 20+ compounding lines.

  • Colour masterbatch manufacturers compounding is one of the main applications for twin screw extruder. Color MB is used for any polymer and all kinds of products.

There are three types of colour masterbatch manufacturers in india:

 Mono color masterbatch granule or SPC (single pigment concentrate): polymer compounding with one single pigment and mostly without the wax and additive2) Tailor-Made masterbatch or Custom coloring: mixing different Mono color masterbatch pellets to get the color the customer wants3) Customized masterbatch: mix polymer and several pigment and additivesFrom standard colours to customized shades we have the capability to offer standard and customized colour masterbatch solutions that give good opacity and high tectorial strength and are finely dispersed to give good strength at optimized dosages. We can also develop colour masterbatches based on RAL or PANTONE shade card numbers and also offer special metallic effects like silver, gold etc.

With a diverse colo masterbatch materials  database of over many shades and accurate color matching with a spectrophotometer, we are the leading brand in Color industry. Tephra Polymers masterbatches has gained the trust of customers because of stringent product safety norms and regulatory supplies. Be it food products, toys, medical devices, automobile devices, we have the expertise to custom formulate products that abide the most stringent quality regulations.

Tephra Polymers Master colour masterbatches manufactures in India a wide range of Color masterbatches for almost all plastic applications. We go to great extents to confirm that the products have the desired organoleptic characters, while not having to cooperation on their integrity. Thus all our colour masterbatches possess high light and colour fastness values, excellent weathering properties and high heat solidity.

A solid product (normally of plastic, rubber, or elastomer) in which pigments or additives are optimally dispersed at high concentration in a carrier masterbatch material product. The carrier raw plastic material is compatible with the main plastic in which it will be blended during molding, whereby the final plastic product obtains the color or properties from the color masterbatch.

In addition, Tephra Polymers colored masterbatch granule is valued for its low cleaning cost compared to traditional coloring agents, pure pigments and dyes in the plastics masterbatch manufacturing industries. Tephra Polymers finished plastic products with color masterbatch have better color combinations than other traditional color sources, dyes or pigments. The color fastness is effectively maintained and achieved by the color masterbatch manufacturer in India, so using a color masterbatch effectively eliminates the “trial and error” method of obtaining the right mixes of masterbatch materials.