Tephra Polymers



Tephra Polymers for Additive MB, Colour MB, White MB, Black MB, Polypropylene (PP), ABS (Master Batch) Batch you will get this better quality than other manufacturers so you will always have to trust in us.


Increasing demand for various household products & appliances owing to a rise in people’s spending propensity will result in the growth of the consumer goods sector. Tephra Polymers Master batch products provide colors to polymers and are manufactured by various pigments and dyes. These are processed with polymers or resins to add color and are then used in several applications. These Master Batch products are produced in huge quantities.

Tephra Polymers technological advancements in the plastic industry have positively influenced the development of Master Batches as well as manufacturing plastics, thereby modifying vehicle designs and replacing conventional metal parts such as fuel tanks. Automotive manufacturers are using plastic components to reduce production costs and vehicle weight, compelling polymer manufacturers to enhance their production capacities.