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Additive Masterbatch Manufacturers in India

additive masterbatch manufacturers in india


Plastic additives masterbatch are an essential element transferring success to plastic-based products Additive Masterbatch manufacturers in India and distributers worldwide. A plastic product not only needs a good base resin, but also needs different additives supportive and refining many features of the carrier plastic. Otherwise, that plastic product may not meet the required standards, or may not satisfy the needs of customers.

Additive Masterbatch manufacturers in India is compound, inorganic or organic, derived from natural or synthetic bases. It will change the initial materials or add new materials to pure plastic. Depending on the requirements of the output product, the manufacturers will mix primary plastic with the additives masterbatch in a certain amount and then mix these raw materials together through the process of casting, compression and pressing to create masterbatch. This can serve directly as the input material or in combination with other material (for example, wood powder) for making the plastic products through various shaping methods.

FIBC/Woven Sacks/ Non WovenPolymer Processing AidADDNoxTM
Anti SkidADDNoxTM
Optical BrightenerADDNoxTM
Shut Down CompoundADDNoxTM
Inhibits Microbial GrowthADDNoxTM
Flame Retardant MasterbatchesADDNoxTM
Film/Sheet/ Pipe ExtrusionAntiBlock for PE & PET Films/SheetsADDNoxTM
Slip masterbatch for PE Films/SheetsADDNoxTM
Polymer Processing AidADDNoxTM
Optical BrightenerADDNoxTM
Active Cell Nucleator for Foamed SheetsADDNoxTM
Anti RustADDNoxTM
Oxo Biodegradable (from Willow Ridge Plastics, USA)ADDNoxTM
Self Adhesive additive for Cling/Stretch/Cast/Wrap FilmsADDNoxTM
Water Absorber additive fro PS sheetsADDNoxTM
Slip & Antiblock combibatchADDNoxTM
Anti Termite & Anti ant additiveADDNoxTM
Permanent AntistaticADDNoxTM
Injection/ Blow/ Rotational MoldingInternal Mold Release AgentADDNoxTM
Purge compound for quick color/resin changeoverADDNoxTM
Sink mark removalADDNoxTM
Desiccant to eliminate pre dryingADDNoxTM
Optical BrightenerADDNoxTM
Reduces torque required for cap/closure openingADDNoxTM
Inhibits Microbial GrowthADDNoxTM
Flame Retardant MasterbatchesADDNoxTM
Radio-Opaque CompoundsX – Detect


The Quality Of Additive Masterbatch Manufacturers In India

Different types of Additive Masterbatch manufacturers in India when mixed with plastic will give plastic different properties, such as increasing toughness, good insulation, enhanced glossiness, etc. Adding additive masterbatch not only help plastic utensils lighter in volume, but their color is also improved, the quality of final products is also more assured. That’s why 90% of plastic-based products manufacturers in the India use additives. Basically, pure plastics are not available with the superior characteristics such as toughness, durability, hardness, etc. Hence, adding functional additives helps the final product to survive during long-term exposure to harsh conditions of the surrounding environment.

Additive Masterbatch manufacturers in India, designed according to different use areas, have an effective force on the physical and mechanical properties of the product. The additive masterbatch used determines the basic form of the plastic obtained material by providing special solution possibilities for your masterbatch needs, both to increase efficiency and to achieve an effective product in the production process. As Tephra Polymers additive masterbatch manufacturer, we work to obtain specialized products for the plastics and plastic packaging industry. Towards this end, we offer a wide variety of additive masterbatch solutions and provide solutions in response to specific requirements. The additive masterbatch manufacturers in India determined according to the product to be manufactured are manufactured by combining various granules blends to provide the most effective solution for your needs. Thus, the resulting masterbatch product becomes a more useful product that directly meets the demands.

A number of additive products are used to make plastic material products as desired during the manufacturing product. These masterbatches are divided into different categories after they have undergone the necessary tests and procedures. Thus, the form desired to be based on plastic is given by these additive masterbatch products. These products, which are in the form of granules added to the plastic raw material, can directly change the color of the product. Accordingly, it can be in different colors. Plastics in different forms and colors that are desired to be obtained are only possible thanks to the additive masterbatch manufacturers in India. In order to get more detailed information and to get the right service, call us immediately for the contribution masterbatch and specify the product you want immediately.

Not only the coloring of plastics masterbatch but also their refinement with serviceable additives is our specialty. Countless colorant or polymer masterbatch combinations from antilock masterbatch to laser additives to UV stabilizers and many more form our constantly growing range, which is constantly oriented towards market requirements. Additives can also be combined with color in a masterbatch – you can find out what advantages this mixture can bring under Combination Masterbatch in Tephra Polymers.

Tephra Polymers additive masterbatch is used in the plastics industry with small proportions to optimize the production process and properties of plastic products. All of them apply the modern. In Tephra Polymers, we offer 6 selections of additive masterbatch:

  • Anti-UV Additive

  • Anti-blocking Additive

  • Anti-static Additive

  • Clarifying Additive

  • Optical brightener Additive