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White Masterbatch

From simple injection moulding application to multilayer film, Tephra Polymers has a very extensive range of White Masterbatch. Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatches for almost all application and polymers.

Some of our White Masterbatch Grades

Super White 37276 70 PE Premium quality grade for high end applications such as FMCG Packaging, thin Walled Application, Sheets, film extrusion etc.
White Universal AW5001 70 PE High quality grade for high end application like film extrusion, blow molding & multi-layer films.
White 37913 70 PE Suitable for films, Injection molding, Blow Molding & high end Rotational Molding.
White AW5030 55 PE HDPE Blow molded barrels & film extrusion.
White Special AW5031 50 PE Injection molding, Blow molding & thick film.
White AW5040 40 PE Thick film extrusion & Injection molding.
White AW5052 32 PE Blow molding & thick film extrusion.
White AW5090 12 PE Economy grade for injection molding
White 57348 42 PET High Quality white masterbatch specially meant for packaging applications.
White 50122 70 PS Premium White for PS sheet extrusion & injection molding.
White 51935 20 PS Economy PS white for Thermoforming sheet extrusion of dairy food containers.
White 56879 35 35 For Polycarbonate Applications


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