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Black Masterbatch Manufacturer in Delhi


Black Masterbatches Manufacturer in Delhi

Classifying the correct type of black, whether a specific carbon black, graphite, graphene or pigment dye, requires wide-ranging expertise. As well as supplying general-purpose black masterbatches, we have the technical competence to create specific functionality, such as UV protection or enhanced presence appliance, taking into account your particular requirements in terms of polymer type, and temporary dynamic or longstanding mechanical performance, for a wide range of applications.

Some of our Black Masterbatch Grades

Product Name Product Code CB% Carrier Resin Filler Application
Black Premium AM 7825 50 PE NO Compounding, Pipes & Film extrusion
Black – Standard AM 2190 50 PE NO Rotomolded tanks, HDPE Pipes, Molding & Film extrusion
Super Black P AM 10835 40 PE NO Premium black based on P-Type Carbon, suitable for Irrigation Pipes, Thin Films etc (meets IS 4984 Specs).
Black Geo AM 2180 40 PE NO HDPE Pipes, laterals, geo textiles, Thin films (for high gloss and jetness) & UV sensitive applications.
Black Super CLA AM 2501 40 PE NO Thin films, mulch film Tarpaulins, Lamination and Precision moldings.
Black Geo AM 3240 40 PE NO Specification Pipes, drip irrigation, Non-Wovens, Geo membranes & UV sensitive application.
Black MD AM 2222 40 PE Yes Economical grade for injection molding & thick film extrusion
Black Jet AM 2155 35 PE Yes Cost effective grade suitable for molding and extrusion
Black AM 2098 30 PE Yes Gerneral Purpose molding and extrusion grade
Black AM 2786 20 PE Yes Economical grade for all type molding & Garbage bags.
Black AM 9436 40 PS NO Premium black for PS extrusion & molding.
Black AM 2296 40 Universal NO Multipurpose molding grade for PP, HIPS, ABS & other polymer.
Super Black F AM 9745 40 PP NO PP Mono & Multi filaminet fiber.
Black PP AM 8250 30 PP NO Non woven and fiber applications.
Nylon Plus Black AM 55527 25 Nylon – 6 NO Nylon base, molding and extrusion grade.
PC Black 56280 15 PC NO NO

Benefits & Technical Specifications of Black Masterbatches  (Granules) in India

Our general range of black masterbatch (Plastic Dana Raw Materials) products has been developed for a broad range of product specifications, from low molecular weight, low-melting-point amorphous materials, thorough ultra-high molecular weight, and high-melting-point semi-crystalline polymers. This breadth of choice makes us the ideal partner for polymer manufacturers, compounders, fabricators, and specifiers looking for innovative, one-stop solutions.

We are manufacturing in providing a superlative spectrum of highly loaded Black masterbatches. By using varied types and grades of carbon, Tephra Polymers offer diverse grades of black masterbatches (Black Granules). black masterbatches  Plastic dana play a role in such key markets as agricultural, packaging, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, wire & cable, automotive, and toys. Further, our R&D experts continuously inspect and update the existing variety, as per the changing trends in the market.

Tephra Polymers plastic Dana raw material masterbatches (Granules) can extend the useful life of pipe, film, and other products by protecting against ultraviolet (UV) degradation of the underlying polymer Granules. We serve numerous industries, including automotive, infrastructure, agricultural, packaging, consumer goods, electronics, and more. Our next generation of black plastic dana raw material masterbatches (Granules) offers superior color, low odor, and strong mechanical strength.

Black Masterbatches Manufacturer in Delhi

Tephra Polymers application development and technical services encompass a large range of processing technologies including all advanced extrusion and molding methods. Tephra Polymers plastic dana raw materials black masterbatches (Granule) have been formulated to meet application- and polymer-specific needs and are manufactured to exacting standards. Regardless of your plastic requirement application, Tephra Polymers black masterbatches provide differentiated performance and reliable quality.

Tephra Polymers plastic dana granules black masterbatch (Granules) products are synonymous with quality, reliability and high performance. While our products have performed successfully in plastic products applications for decades and continue to be top choices for customers requirement. Tephra Polymers masterbatch materials are always innovating to best our formulations and development new solutions to meet the plastics industry’s evolving requirements. Tephra Polymers masterbatches technical sales and service teams are available to work with you and provide additional product guidance and support to aid your selection of the best solutions for your specific requirements and application.

Extensive Black Granules Plastic Dana Raw Materials

  • Suitable for a range of products specifications and applications

  • Customization masterbatch manufacturers

  • Improved process ability and consistency

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Black Plastic dana masterbatch Automotive Compounding

  • Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Roto molded tanks

  • Cable sheathing compounds

  • Non specification pipes, drainage pipes, conduits
  • P type for pressure pipes

  • Specification pipes including laterals for drip irrigation, conduits, compounding

  • Films including garbage bags

  • Mulch Films & Geo Textiles

  • Lamination applications with higher MFI

  • HIPS, ABS, PP Molded and Extruded products

  • PET fibers for yarn & staple fiber

  • PP Non Woven bags Color masterbatches

  • For Bio-degradable application


  • PP

  • ABS


  • Calcium Carbonate Filler

  • Desicant Filler

  • Talc Filler