Tephra Polymers

Color Masterbatch

Tephra Polymers Colours Masterbatch supplier in Delhi are the smiles of nature. Perfect shade with Quality at effective rates can be achieved by proper selection of pigments, additives, and Carrier base and a perfect mixing process. At Tephra Polymers, We have dedicated team to focus on the proper choice of Raw Materials and production house with advanced technology along with the professional team to provide complete customer satisfaction.

We have matched 1000 different shades of colours as per customer needs with perfection because of strict Quality Check backed by the equipment and trained personnel in our laboratory. Plastic Masterbatch is widely used in blow molding of bottles, injection molding of household items, Lamination, Tarpaulins and insulation of cables. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Color Masterbatch. Our modern facility is based in Delhi, India.

Benefits & Technical Specifications

  • No manpower required for material handling
  • Fastest colour change
  • No need to clean conveying system
  • Complete drying & storage solution for finished grade masterbatches.
  • Modular PLC control can integrate with 3 colour compounding extruders.
  • Installed over 20+ compounding lines.
  • Colour masterbatch manufacturers compounding is one of the main applications for twin screw extruders. Color MB is used for any polymer and all kinds of products.