Tephra Polymers

Colour Masterbatch

Colour Masterbatch is essentially a dye for polymer supplies and plastic additive. The Colour masterbatch supplier always remembers that the product principally contains three basic elements, pigments or dye, carrier, and additive. It is basically cumulative which is obtained by consistently loading super constant pigments and additives or dye into resin, leading to the development of pigment concentration.


Tephra polymers is Colour masterbatch manufacturer in Delhi whose quality-driven colour masterbatch has the competency to impart colour and various properties to plastic product. The product has a low cleaning cost as compared to traditional colouring agents, pure pigments, and dyes. Moreover, the innovative product can modify colour and define texture of plastic process.

MasterBatch Manufacturer in India

Properties of Colour Masterbatch

The product is surrounded with several prominent properties. These contain:

·         Superior manufacture elasticity

·         Enhanced updraft solidity

·         Expands warmth confrontation

·         Expands resistance to climate

·         Perform as a protection against UV rays

Application of Colour Masterbatch

The product has numerous submissions; these includes:

·         Blow moulding of bottles

·         Tarpaulins

·         Injection moulding

·         Insulation of cables

·         Injection moulding of household items

·         Lamination

·         Electrical appliances

·         Gift manufacturing

·         Electronic items