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Plastic Dana in India

Tephra Polymer high and best quality White Plastic Dana in Delhi are formulated to ensure optimum opacity and precise shade of white for your specific needs for our customers. Tephra Polymers are engineered to incorporate a wide range of additives such as UV stabilizers, Antistatic, Antioxidants, mold release, etc.

Tephra Polymers  Plastic Dana supplier in India is the precise best qualities that you need, from highly-concentrated White Plastic Dana in India with excellent dispersion and thermal stability for more demanding applications like extrusion coating to low-end applications where high levels of filler are added for a more cost-effective solution.

Benefits & Technical Specifications of White Plastic Dana manufacturer in Delhi

White Plastic Dana masterbatches are used in a wide range of applications and products, including lamination, extrusion coating, protective films, fibers and non-woven, and injection molding – and we provide them all. Using our wide acquaintance and state-of-the-art production capabilities, Tephra Polymers is able to produce high-quality White Plastic Dana manufacturer in Delhi, India containing different outdoor and indoor TiO2 grades, sourced from top producers around India. By combining the right TiO2 grade, carrier resin, stabilizers, and process equipment, Tephra Polymers provide the highest-quality White Masterbatch for each application.

Tephra Polymers range of White Plastic Dana manufacturer in Delhi, India manufactured with the best quality and micronized Titanium Dioxide and specific polymer as per the applications. Tephra Polymer’s expertise in this domain has also enabled us to offer over 100 grades of White Plastic Dana manufacturer India, which render maximum whiteness index, dispersion, and opacity to a product. It is reckoned for its capacity to uniquely couple various loading of TiO2 with the best quality specific polymer.

White Masterbatch Injection molding application to multilayer film, and packaging, MPL has a very extensive range of White Plastic Dana manufacturers India.

Special white’s Plastic Dana manufacturer India designed for specific end-use applications are also available.

These include UV stabilized grades, grades with specific different types of color tones, weatherable grades and food contact acceptable grades.

Tephra Polymers  White Masterbatches in India are available in PP, PE, PET, PS, AND EVA base resins for various applications.

White Plastic Dana manufacturer in Delhi, India Applications

  • Films requiring very high opacity

  • Very thin gauge films

  • LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE rich films for oil & milk flexible pouches

  • Multi-layers and mono layers films

  • TQPP, BOPP & BOPET films

  • Noncritical application films with a higher thickness of White Masterbatch

  • For High output machines

  • Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Roto molding applications

  • Thermoforming applications

  • HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications

  • Woven sacks & FIBC bags

  • PET Fibers – yarn & staple fiber

  • PP Non-Woven fabric

Plastic Dana in India

BLACK Masterbatches


The Optimal Balance of Black Plastic Dana Masterbatches 

Classifying the correct type of black, whether a specific carbon black, graphite, graphene or pigment dye, requires wide-ranging expertise. As well as supplying general-purpose black masterbatches, we have the technical competence to create specific functionality, such as UV protection or enhanced presence appliance, taking into account your particular requirements in terms of polymer type, and temporary dynamic or longstanding mechanical performance, for a wide range of applications.

Benefits & Technical Specifications of Black Plastic Dana manufacturer India

Our general range of black Plastic Dana manufacturers in India has been developed for a broad range of product specifications, from low molecular weight, low-melting-point amorphous materials, thorough ultra-high molecular weight, and high-melting-point semi-crystalline polymers. This breadth of choice makes us the ideal partner for polymer manufacturers, compounders, fabricators, and specifiers looking for innovative, one-stop solutions.

We are manufacturing in providing a superlative spectrum of highly loaded Black Plastic Dana manufacturer India. By using varied types and grades of carbon, Tephra Polymers offer diverse grades of black Plastic Dana manufacturer India black Plastic Dana masterbatches  Plastic dana play a role in such key markets as agricultural, packaging, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, wire & cable, automotive, and toys. Further, our R&D experts continuously inspect and update the existing variety, as per the changing trends in the market.

Tephra Polymers Plastic Dana manufacturer in Delhi, India can extend the useful life of pipe, film, and other products by protecting against ultraviolet (UV) degradation of the underlying polymer Granules. We serve numerous industries, including automotive, infrastructure, agricultural, packaging, consumer goods, electronics, and more. Our next generation of black Plastic Dana in India offers superior color, low odor, and strong mechanical strength.

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